We are proud to present you the brainchild of our company – windlass STEEL HANDS 40 .

Communicating with the fishermen did not go in vain. Almost every fisherman expressed his wish that the winch had free reset and worked in this quiet! Had a low level of current consumption to run only on battery power without the ability to recharge throughout the fishing. And yet , there was a reliable partner for their favorite thing in any weather and at any time of the stay on the water. We recommend viewing the article: https://strongermarine.com/articles/yakornaya-lebedka/

The task in front of our team certainly was not easy . After all, with try to do this , many companies that produce similar products . Development windlass STEEL HANDS 40 took us a lot of time and perseverance. Need to engage in numerous testing as the load on the test bench or in the real world with different weights and anchors seasons.

Today it is completely finished and finished product . Which has the function of free blow , has a very low noise, attractive design , high-quality mechanism , a full warranty from the manufacturer , and the ability to buy parts defective in case of warranty repairs !
The winch is designed for use in fresh water . In the case of a winch in salt water after the salt water to the winch mechanism , and it requires mandatory parts fresh water desalination parts that would prevent corrosion.

We hope that our products will please you with its quality and reliability !