Stronger 40. We are proud to present to you the brainchild of our company – the anchor winch STEEL HANDS 40 . Communication with the fishermen was not in vain. Almost every fisherman expressed his wishes. So that the winch has a free reset and works quietly! Had a low level of current consumption. To operate only on battery power without the possibility of recharging it throughout the entire fishing trip. And at the same time, it was a reliable assistant for doing what you love in any weather and at any time on the water. We recommend viewing the article:

The task facing our team was certainly not an easy one. After all, many companies are trying to cope with this problem. Which produce similar products. The development of the anchor winch   Stronger 40 STEEL HANDS 40 took us a lot of time and patience. Numerous tests were required. Like on a load test bench. So it is in real conditions with different anchor weights and seasons.

Today it is a completely finished and finished product. Which has a free reset function. It has a very low noise level, attractive design, high-quality mechanism, a full warranty from the manufacturer and the ability to buy parts that have failed in case of non-warranty repairs! The Stronger 40 winch is designed for use in fresh waters. In the case of using a winch in salt water, after salt water gets into the mechanism of the winch and its parts, it is necessary to desalinate the parts with fresh water to prevent the corrosion process.


This winch is of high quality and reliability, making it an attractive choice for many inflatable boat owners. One of the main advantages of the STRONGER anchor winch is its functionality.

Thanks to the special design. This winch provides convenience and comfort when using. It is equipped with a free anchor release function. This allows you to quickly and easily lower the anchor to the desired depth. Another important advantage of the STRONGER anchor winch is its strength and durability.

Made from high quality materials, this winch can withstand heavy loads and long-term use without losing its performance. In addition, the STRONGER anchor winch has compact dimensions. Which makes it easy to transport and store.

A special shockproof cover protects the winch during transportation. Ensuring its safety and long service life. In conclusion, the STRONGER anchor winch is a reliable and functional tool that will help.

You can enjoy a comfortable and safe holiday on the water. By purchasing this winch, you get high quality, reliability and ease of use. Which makes it an excellent choice for lovers of marine activities. b1%d0%b5%d0%b4%d0%ba%d0%b8/

We hope that our products will please you with their quality and reliability!