Stronger Steel Hands 35 Pro

STRONGER has received yet another patent for an anchor windlass with anchor bringing the anchor to the water and further free dropping. This development is unique worldwide. And our company has once again become a pioneer in the development of another useful function for the anchor windlass.

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This patent allows us to defend our rights in court. The Stronger Steel Hands 35 Pro is a definite breakthrough especially for fishermen who need a quiet anchor windlass. Unfortunately, we have repeatedly encountered copying of our ideas and mechanisms. Therefore, the legal department of our company in the future will carefully consider the infringement of our patent rights and in case of such infringements to solve all issues in court according to the legislation of the country where these rights were violated.

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Features of STRONGER steel hands anchor winches:

STRONGER anchor winches are manufactured using high quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. They offer a variety of models, including manual anchor winches such as the Steel Hands model. This model features a durable handle for easy maneuvering and secure anchoring.

Advantages of STRONGER anchor winches:

1. Durability and reliability:

STRONGER anchor winches are made of durable materials, which ensures durability and reliability in any operating conditions.

2. Ease of use:

The STRONGER steel hands 10 manual anchor winch has an ergonomic handle that provides comfortable and easy control.

3.Easy installation:

The STRONGER anchor winch is easy to install on a boat or yacht thanks to its compact size and simple mounting elements.

Installing the STRONGER steel hands anchor winch on a boat:

1. Determine the optimal installation location:

Select a location on the boat where the anchor winch will be conveniently located and easy to access when needed.

2. Prepare the surface:

Make sure the surface on which the anchor winch will be installed is clean and smooth. If necessary, use special fasteners for secure fixation.

3. Installation of anchor winch stronger steel hands:

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the STRONGER anchor winch on your boat. This usually involves attaching the bracket and securing the anchor winch using bolts or screws.

Conclusion: STRONGER anchor winches are reliable and durable equipment that provides safety and confidence while anchoring. Models like the Steel Hands Manual Anchor Winch offer ease of use and easy installation. If you are looking for a reliable anchor winch for your boat, look no further than STRONGER anchor winches and enjoy safe and comfortable sailing adventures.