STRONGER “anchor winches” is a product that has won the love of many fishermen from all over Europe. Based on the results of sales of STRONGER products, the best distributors, dealers and partners were awarded commemorative diplomas with status ranging from platinum to silver, depending on the volume of sales of our products in 2021. We recommend viewing the article: We hope that the new year 2022 will be a fruitful year for the implementation of our new ideas, the release of new and useful products, and the development of our partner network in new countries!

STRONGER anchor winches are a product created specifically for fishermen!

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You will also be interested in reading the article about the STRONGER anchor winch. This is a short description for each model. And thus you will simplify your choice of the anchor winch you need:


STRONGER anchor winches are reliable helpers for boats and yachts. An anchor winch is an important piece of equipment for any boat owner. Ensuring safety and convenience when parking on the water. STRONGER offers a wide range of high quality anchor winches. Which are distinguished by reliability, durability and ease of use.

STRONGER anchor winches are equipped with modern technologies. Allowing you to easily and quickly lower and raise the anchor, which greatly simplifies the process of mooring and unmooring the vessel. Thanks to radio control, you can control the winch from anywhere on the vessel. Which makes the anchoring process even more convenient. When choosing an anchor winch, you should pay attention to its load capacity. The speed of lowering and raising the anchor, as well as the presence of additional functions. Such as automatic shutdown when reaching a certain depth.

The STRONGER company offers various models of anchor winches. Suitable for different types of vessels and operating conditions. So, the STRONGER anchor winch is a reliable and convenient equipment that will help ensure safety and comfort when anchored on the water. When choosing an anchor winch, consider its features and functionality to ensure optimal use of this important marine accessory.


An anchor winch is one of the most important components of equipment for lovers of fishing and boating. It allows you to keep the boat in the right place. Providing stability and comfort while fishing. Among the many manufacturers of anchor winches, STRONGER stands out. Offering innovative solutions for marine and freshwater environments.

One of the key features of STRONGER anchor winches is the free anchor release function. This mechanism allows you to quickly and easily lower the anchor to the bottom of the reservoir. Providing quick fixation of the boat in the right place. Thanks to the free release of the anchor, the user can effectively control the anchoring process. Saving time and effort.

In addition to the free release function, STRONGER anchor winches are equipped with an innovative system for bringing the anchor to the water. This mechanism allows you to smoothly lower the anchor to the desired depth. Providing precise and secure fixation. Thanks to the system for bringing the anchor to the water, the user can control the anchoring process with high precision. Which is especially important when fishing in difficult conditions.

In addition, STRONGER winches have a robust design with a unique anti-snag system. Which prevents the anchor from getting stuck on the bottom. This ensures safety and reliability during use. It also increases the service life of the equipment.

As a result, STRONGER anchor winches with free release of the anchor and the function of bringing the anchor to the water. They represent a reliable and convenient solution for fishermen and boating enthusiasts. Their innovative technology and high quality make them an indispensable companion on the water. Providing comfort and safety while relaxing on the water.