What are transom plates? Transom plates are an important part of the ship’s architecture and play a significant role in the safety and efficiency of the vessel. In this article, we’ll look at what transom plates are, their uses, and the different types that exist. What are transom plates? Transom plates are horizontal plates installed at the stern of the vessel near the water line. They are an extension of the ship’s hull and perform several important functions. One of the main tasks of transom plates is to improve the hydrodynamic characteristics of the vessel, which allows increasing its speed and stability.

Application of transom plates

1. Increased Lift: Trim plates increase lift, which allows the boat to rise higher off the water and reduces drag, which in turn improves speed and efficiency.

2. Improved Stability: Transom plates help improve boat stability, especially in adverse weather conditions or when maneuvering. They increase the lateral stability of the vessel and reduce pitching.

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Fig1. what are transom plates?

3. Reduced fuel consumption: By improving the hydrodynamics of the vessel, transom plates help reduce fuel consumption. Reducing water resistance allows the boat to move more efficiently and economically.

Types of transom plates

1. Flat Transom Slabs: This is the simplest and most common type of transom slab. They have a flat surface and are mainly used on small ships or yachts. Flat transom plates provide improved hydrodynamics and vessel stability.

2. Beveled Trim Plates: This type of transom plate has a bevel that helps improve hydrodynamics and reduce drag. They are typically used on high speed vessels and allow for even greater efficiency and stability.

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Fig. 2. Transom plates – what are they?

3. Extended Transom Plates: This type of transom plates has a flared shape to increase lift and stability of the boat. They are widely used on large commercial vessels and vessels that operate in difficult conditions.

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