Transom plates are an important outboard motor accessory that can greatly improve the maneuverability and safety of your boat. In this article, we’ll look at how they work and what benefits they can provide. Definition of transom plates: Transom plates are special metal or plastic plates installed on the transom of the boat, in close proximity to the boat motor.

They are designed to improve the hydrodynamics and stability of the boat when moving. Advantages of transom plates:

1. Improved maneuverability: Transom plates help improve the maneuverability of the boat, especially when turning and maneuvering at high speed. They create additional lift, allowing the boat to respond faster to steering inputs and turn more accurately and smoothly.

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2. Improved Safety: Transom plates improve boat stability, especially when sailing at high speeds or in stormy conditions. They help reduce the likelihood of the boat heeling and improve its stability on the water, making sailing safer and more comfortable.

3. Fuel Savings: Installing transom plates can help reduce your boat’s fuel consumption. By improving hydrodynamics and reducing water resistance, the boat can reach higher speeds with the same level of engine power, which leads to fuel savings.

4. Improved lift: Transom plates can increase the lift of a boat, especially when carrying a large amount of cargo or passengers. This is especially useful for fishermen or water sports enthusiasts who often need to transport heavy equipment or additional passengers.

транцевые плиты STRONGER

Conclusion: Transom plates are an important outboard motor accessory that can greatly improve the maneuverability, safety and efficiency of your boat. Installing transom plates is a simple and effective way to improve the performance of your boat and make sailing more comfortable and safe.

Transom plates from the STRONGER company are 3 sizes of plates for different lengths of the boat. These are powerful electric actuators. The pressure of each cylinder is about 250 kg! This significantly exceeds similar models of competitive companies! Multi-stage protection of actuators from water! It includes the whole system. The first oil seal is responsible for removing dirt from the surface of the rod. The next oil seal is responsible for lubricating the rod and restoring it! And 3 more seals inside the device are responsible for its sealing. We hope that this device will be of interest to our customers. You can watch the video for more details on how to use it.

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