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Our company receives many requests from neighboring countries to provide video material in English. To your attention the first translated video about the Sounder transducer position controller with an automatic version. Enjoy watching everyone.

Why it is necessary to set up the echo sounder transducer correctly.

Transducer for echo sounder is not just a device. For its correct operation will require proper installation and adjustment! In the method of echo location, which is at the head of this device laid ordinary physical processes. Consequently, the echo sounder sensor constantly sends a signal to the bottom of the reservoir and then receives the reflected signal back to the sensor. So the point is that to collect accurate and the most correct information is necessary to obtain a clear, undistorted signal! To do this wat will require the smallest thing is to do so that your echo sounder sensor was oriented clearly parallel to the angle of the horizon. Transducer for echo sounder unfortunately can not perceive perfectly the information in the case of its deviation in one of the sides.

How to achieve correct operation of the echo sounder sensor.

To do this, you need a device that will be able to control the angle of the sensor. That is, it must always be clearly parallel to the angle of the horizon. Our device automatic position controller Transducer for echo sounder is able to control the position of your sensor in atmatic mode always!

What will be the result of using an automatic regulator.

As we have already found out earlier for the echo sounder to work correctly Transducer for echo sounder should be clearly parallel to the horizon angle. It is this variant of use guarantees stable and reliable results! The image of the bottom of the water body will be perfect! You will finally be able to determine a clear depth of the water body. The image of fish on the screen of your echo sounder will be clear and their image will be parallel to the echo sounder screen. In the future by silhouettes of fish you will be able to distinguish this or that fish. Accordingly, the results of your search will be exactly those objects that you are looking for! We hope that this device will serve you well! And you will discover new possibilities of your echo sounder!


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