Trolling boat motor: choice and features Trolling is one of the most effective ways of fishing using a boat. For successful trolling you need a reliable and powerful trolling motor. In this article we will look at various options for trolling motors and pay special attention to the STRONGER model.

There are several types of trolling motors:

Let’s look at some of them:

1. Gasoline trolling motors:

This is the most common type of trolling motor. They have high power and allow the boat to reach high speed. However, gasoline engines can be noisy and require regular maintenance.

2. Electric trolling motors:

These motors are battery powered and provide silent and environmentally friendly operation. They are ideal for trolling small bodies of water or in areas where quiet operation is required. However, electric motors may have limited power and range.

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3. Trolling boat motor. Hybrid trolling motors:

These motors combine the advantages of gasoline and electric motors. They have high power and range, and can also operate in silent mode when using an electrical system. Hybrid motors are an excellent choice for trolling in a variety of conditions. One of the manufacturers of trolling motors is STRONGER.

4. Trolling outboard motor STRONGER

Their trolling motors combine reliability, power and innovative features. One of the features of STRONGER motors is the ability to control two motors with one boat steering wheel. This allows the boat captain to control both motors without having to get up and put anything in the water.

It is precisely because the STRONGER trolling motor is mounted on the cavitation plate of the propulsion motor that it in no way interferes with the location of other equipment on the transom of the boat. And thanks to the quick release system, you can take it with you on the water exactly when you need it.

Another important feature of STRONGER trolling motors is the intuitive operation of the device and its remote control. It allows you to control the motor forward and backward. It also allows you to smoothly add speed. This is important for correctly selecting the speed of the boat to play the right bait.

In addition, the STRONGER trolling outboard motor is energy efficient. They consume energy economically, which allows you to extend the operating time of the motor and increase the duration of fishing. In conclusion, choosing a trolling motor depends on your needs and preferences. However, the STRONGER model offers many benefits, including the ability to control two motors with one helm, energy efficiency and much more. Consider all the available options and choose the trolling motor that best suits your needs and will allow you to enjoy fishing for a long time.