Hydraulic trim for outboard motor manufactured by STRONGER is an innovative device that provides convenience and efficiency in motor control. It has a number of advantages that make it an indispensable accessory for any boat owner.

In this section of our website you can familiarize yourself with the hydraulic trim for the STRONGER outboard motor. https://strongermarine.com/ru/products/pod%D1%8Aemnyk-lodochnogo-motora/

One of the key functions of a hydraulic trim is the ability to raise and lower the motor. This is especially useful when transitioning from open water swimming to navigating narrow or shallow waters. Using the trim, it is easy and smooth to raise or lower the motor, which avoids damage and ensures safety during maneuvering.

Гидравлический трим для лодочного мотора

Another important advantage of the product: STRONGER outboard motor trim is the ability to control it from the control panel. This allows you to precisely adjust the angle of the outboard motor to suit current sailing conditions. Gradual adjustment of the angle of inclination provides a smooth change in the trajectory of the boat, which is especially useful when maneuvering in narrow straits or when encountering waves. https://strongermarine.com/articles/vertykaln%d1%8bj-lyft-dlya-lodochnogo-motora/

трим для лодочного мотора STRONGER


In addition, the STRONGER hydraulic trim has a favorite position memory function. This means you can save the optimal motor angle that best suits your swimming style and return to it at any time without wasting time on re-tuning. This is especially useful for those who prefer a specific setting every time they sail.

The hydraulic trim for outboard motor STRONGER is a reliable and intuitive device that greatly facilitates the control of an outboard motor. It ensures smooth movement, precise adjustment and the ability to maintain the preferred motor position. Thanks to these advantages, you can enjoy comfortable and safe sailing on your boat.

электротрим для лодочного мотора STRONGER

And so let’s sum it up!

The main qualities of the STRONGER product manufactured by STRONGER:

1. Motor raising and lowering function: STRONGER hydraulic trim ensures smooth and precise raising and lowering of the outboard motor. This allows you to easily adjust the depth of immersion of the motor in the water, which in turn affects the controllability and maneuverability of the boat.

2. Control from the control panel: One of the main advantages of the product: STRONGER boat motor trim is the ability to control it from the control panel. This is convenient and allows you to quickly and easily change the angle of the outboard motor depending on the current sailing conditions.

3. Step-by-step tilt adjustment: The STRONGER hydraulic trim offers step-by-step motor tilt adjustment. This allows the angle of incline to be finely tuned to suit the captain’s requirements and preferences. Thanks to this, you can achieve optimal controllability and speed of the boat.

подъемник лодочного мотора

4. Ability to remember your favorite position: Another advantage of the STRONGER outboard motor trim product is the ability to remember your favorite engine position. This allows you to quickly return to your preferred tilt angle, saving time and simplifying control.

Hydraulic trim for outboard motors from STRONGER is a reliable and convenient solution that allows you to optimize engine performance and increase boat performance. With raise and lower functions, control panel controls, step-by-step tilt adjustments and position memory capabilities, captains have full control of their boats and can enjoy comfortable and efficient sailing. https://www.weekender.ua/