Anchor winch installation is a labor-intensive and really not simple process! BUT! By numerous requests STRONGER company has designed and started to produce a universal platform for anchor winch and roolce installation on the boat deck. We recommend reading the article: STRONGER anchor winch With the help of this platform you can install absolutely any winch from our line starting from manual SH 10 to SH 35 PRO. This platform is first of all a “first aid” for those who have purchased our winches and further plans to install them on their own boat.

площадка для крепления якорной лебедки

Everyone knows that installing a winch is not easy. It is quite painstaking and hard work, so service companies rightly charge quite a lot of money for such work. The problem lies in several aspects.

First, when installing an anchor winch, you need to achieve in the planned place of installation of a solid structure, so service companies often resort to options to reinforce the back side of the deck of various materials and structures because of the thinness of the metal in the hull of the boat.

площадка для крепления якорной лебедки

Secondly, when installing the anchor winch, it is very important to keep the alignment between the rode and the winch when installing any windlass, including ours. Incorrectly installed winch in the future can lead to breakages and improper operation of the entire mechanism as a whole.

Thirdly, it is important to install the anchor winch in such a way that you can always easily dismantle it for service or winter storage.

установка якорной лебедки

Fourthly, when installing an anchor winch, there is a problem with the necessary extension of the rode beyond the bow to the required length so that the anchor does not hit the hull of the boat when hoisting it!

This platform will save you first of all from the above mentioned problems in installation. And now you can do it yourself! Or entrust the installation to a service company. But in the end, the installed winch and roolus will look quite organically and technically correct.

We hope that this site will greatly facilitate you in the process of installing the anchor winch installation on your boat. And the installation process will not cause much difficulty and problems.