Elevator for a boat motor is a means to save fuel and significantly increase the speed of the boat. https://strongermarine.com/products/lyft-dlya-lodochnogo-motora/ On our Youtube channel appeared another video clip made by us together with Weekender company about Vertical Hydraulic Lift for boat motor up to 120 hp. In this video we will tell you about the advantages of using a vertical hydraulic elevator for boat motors. https://strongermarine.com/product_category/lift/ We will show you how you can save fuel on fast passages. We’ll talk about shallow water and approaches to shore and much more. We hope it will be informative and interesting.
P.S. From next week the elevators will be available for orders from Weekender. On tel. +380954968080 you will be able to pre-book the device. The first batch will be only 50 pieces!!!

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the STRONGER vertical lift for outboard motors. And learn more about this model: https://strongermarine.com/products/lyft-dlya-lodochnogo-motora/