Il sollevatore per motori fuoribordo di STRONGER è adatto per motori fuoribordo da 40 a 120 cavalli. Il dispositivo viene fornito con gli elementi di fissaggio necessari per appendere il dispositivo alla poppa della barca. Inoltre, puoi acquistare un sistema di controllo dell’ascensore che ti consentirà di controllare il dispositivo a passi di 2 cm e otterrai anche un’importante funzione: la capacità di ricordare la tua posizione preferita. Questa funzione avrà un ottimo effetto sul tuo libero pensiero. Perché ora, premendo un solo pulsante, puoi sempre regolare il motore nella posizione preferita che hai già salvato.

A cosa prestare attenzione quando si sceglie una posizione: sollevatore per motore fuoribordo.

лифт для лодочного мотора СТРОНГЕР

The hydraulic outboard motor lift is an innovative device that makes lifting and lowering the motor easy and safe. With its help, you can easily and quickly control the position of the motor, ensuring optimal operation of your vessel. Let’s look at the main advantages of this device.

1. Reliability and Durability: The boat motor lift is made of high quality materials, which ensure its durability and reliability in operation. It can withstand significant loads and withstand external factors such as salt water and ultraviolet radiation. This guarantees a long service life of the device.

2. Ease of use: The boat motor lift has a simple and intuitive design, which makes its use as convenient as possible. Using a special lever or control buttons, you can easily raise or lower the motor to the desired position. This is especially useful when running aground or when the engine needs to be serviced.

лифт для лодочного мотора СТРОНГЕР

3. Safety: One of the main advantages of a hydraulic elevator is its safety. It ensures smooth and controlled movement of the motor, preventing possible injury or damage. Thanks to this, you can be confident in the safety and security of your motor.

4. Versatility: The boat motor lift is suitable for various types of marine motors and can be installed on most boats. This makes it a universal and functional solution for any ship owner.

Conclusion: The hydraulic lift for outboard motor is a reliable and convenient device that ensures safety and comfort when using your boat. It allows you to quickly and easily control the position of the motor, increasing efficiency and ease of use. If you are looking for a reliable solution for raising and lowering the motor on your boat, a hydraulic lift is a great choice!