Anchor for winch Stronger DREAM with “non-stuck” function. In today’s article we will talk about our new development of the Dream anchor. Dream is translated from English as sleep. Sleep is a state of a person when nothing bothers him and the person is in complete peace. This is exactly the condition your boat will experience when you use our new anchor.

якорь для лебедки стронгер

As you can see, the idea behind the design of our new anchor is not new at first glance. It is made from cast iron by casting. The Stronger DREAM “no-stuck” winch anchor was then stripped, primed and powder coated.

At first glance, the Dream anchor is the classic shape of the well-known “river” anchor. But in fact, this anchor, in terms of its technical parameters, has a number of design features that help hold the boat even in quite difficult weather conditions.

Now let’s take a step-by-step look at the position of the anchor for the Stronger DREAM winch with the “non-stuck” function.

Pay attention to the geometry of the anchor petals.

They are made in the shape of a small bucket. The extreme edges of the petal have a characteristic narrowing with the help of which the anchor very quickly engages with both sand, silt and gravel.

якорь для лебедки стронгер

The anchor for the Stronger DREAM winch weighs 8 kg, but thanks to its technical features, this weight is enough to stably anchor a boat up to 7 meters long. It’s no secret that the service life of an anchor winch directly depends on the weight of the anchor used.

The greater the weight, the greater the load the anchor winch experiences, therefore, the service life of the motor in the winch is reduced.

We set ourselves the goal of designing an anchor that would be optimal both in weight and in its technical characteristics. Having assessed the result, we believe that we succeeded.

якорь для лебедки стронгер

Also, our DREAM anchor has interesting technical findings in our opinion. Thanks to the anti-snag system, now you won’t have to worry about losing such an expensive device. Pay attention to how the cable is positioned. It lies in a special groove in the armature drawbar. This way, you will not damage the cable itself or the roller when the anchor enters it. You will also avoid problems with algae that usually cling to the cable in similar models with the anti-catch function.

In order for you to always be able to distinguish our branded anchor for the Stronger DREAM winch from a fake, our branded logo is applied to it.

We hope that the Dream anchor will please you with its capabilities, and this, in turn, will contribute to your successful fishing!