The STRONGER anchor is a reliable and durable tool for the anchorage of a vessel. It is made of high quality materials that ensure its durability and reliability in operation. The STRONGER anchor has an effective shape that provides good stability and grip to the bottom. It is capable of handling various types of soil, including sand, clay and gravel.

This allows the vessel to secure its position even under strong current or wind. In addition, the STRONGER boat anchor has a convenient design, making it easy to use. It is equipped with special hooks and clamps for reliable attachment to the anchor chain or rope. This ensures a fast and safe anchoring of the vessel. STRONGER anchor is available in different sizes and weights, which allows you to choose the right option for your vessel. It also has a strong coating that protects it from corrosion and damage.

Якорь для лодки STRONGER

The long-awaited Ukrainian patent on the anchor «DREAM NEW» has been received. This anchor for the STRONGER boat is very well established, both in Ukraine and beyond. Due to its unique design with 2 parts, it is able to hold a boat up to 7 meters long at a weight of 9.8 kg! Special grooves for fixing the tether avoid entanglement of algae and bottom debris on the cable. The same design allows maximally to remove the load from the engine at the moment when the anchor is overpowered through the roller of the rawls. Thanks to this, your winch will be able to extend the maximum life of its work.

якорь для лодки

Our company will further protect its rights to inventions. The anchor for the STRONGER boat will definitely be protected! Currently in development 4 new products. Complex products in terms of operation, operation and electronic part. And it’s been more than half a year since we filed patents on these products in different countries, and we hope that soon we will share patents on these products and can launch them into mass production. 

We hope that this anchor will please our customers. They will be able to understand the essence of inventions and will be cautious about counterfeits that are present for example in the Russian market.


Anchor for a boat: how to choose and what types there are.

An anchor is one of the most important boat accessories. It ensures reliable fixation of the vessel in place and prevents it from moving under the influence of currents and winds. There are several types of anchors, each of which has its own advantages and features. Here are some of them:

Anchor types:

1. Plow type anchor is one of the most common types of anchors. It has a sharp tip and a heavy body, which allows it to penetrate the ground and provide a secure hold on the boat. The Plow Anchor is ideal for use on gravel or clay bottoms where other types of anchors may fail.

2. The Flux type anchor is a lightweight and compact anchor that is well suited for use on shallow rivers or lakes. It has wide blades that help keep the anchor in place even in light currents or wind. The Flux type anchor is also convenient for storage and transportation.

3. The “Dream STRONGER” type anchor is a powerful anchor that provides reliable holding even in strong currents and winds. It has additional blades and weights that increase its efficiency. The Super type anchor is recommended for use at sea or in strong currents.

What you should pay attention to when choosing an anchor:

There are several factors to consider when choosing an anchor for your boat. First, you need to determine the type of soil at the bottom of the reservoir where you plan to use the anchor. Different anchors may have different effectiveness in different types of soil. Second, consider the size and weight of your boat. The anchor must be strong enough to hold the boat in place. In addition, it is recommended to select an anchor taking into account the sailing conditions. If you plan to use the boat at sea or on a body of water with strong currents, it is better to choose a more powerful and reliable anchor.

So, choosing an anchor for your boat is an important step that will ensure safety and comfort while sailing. Consider the type of soil, the size and weight of the boat, and the sailing conditions when choosing an anchor. Don’t forget that a properly selected anchor can securely hold the boat in place, which will allow you to enjoy sailing without unnecessary hassle.