Good afternoon dear friends! For almost 7 years, STRONGER has been pleased with its products for lovers of fishing and outdoor activities in the water in different countries of the world and on its different continents. Our company has always pursued fair rules of the game in the market – not the use of other people’s ideas and patents, if they are protected by copyright. Therefore, all STRONGER products are our own developments and inventions that have patents, or are currently in the process of obtaining a patent. At a certain stage of its development, any company that has achieved recognition in the market is confronted with such a thing as counterfeit, fake and pirated products. And our company also faced this phenomenon. The Russian company from Tyumen, “Stocker” , began producing copies of our anchors. At the moment, STRONGER is in the final stages of approving an anchor patent. After that, STRONGER will start a lawsuit with Stocker.

Also, contact dealers of the Stocker company. After obtaining a patent, our company has the right to start a lawsuit, including with companies that sell products of the Stocker company, which violates our intellectual property rights. STRONGER primarily addresses the leaders of these companies: counterfeiting has never been better than the original. People who fake this or that product have no idea about the technical nuances in the manufacture of this product. They pursue in their activities only making quick profits. Therefore, I ask you to pay attention to this publication and treat the problem sensibly, thereby preventing an aggravation of relations, including with your company, on the basis of trade in counterfeit goods.

Original anchor from STRONGER


Stocker fake