Anchor winch + for a boat is a frequently asked question on the Internet. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the hidden-mounted anchor winch from the STRONGER company. Stronger is launching the Steel Hands 35I concealed anchor winch. This winch model does not have a top cover or mounting brackets. The winch frame has become even more compact and convenient for installation. There is an emergency button on the winch frame in case you get caught and require control from the bow of the boat.


Rawls for this model has become longer than the standard.


Also on the very roller in the back of the roller, after which the anchor rope will go into the lock in the direction of the winch coil.


Anchor winch + for boat. Pay attention to the details during installation! When installing the winch and roller, it is very important to maintain their alignment. For this purpose, there are corners on each element. These are the ones you need to navigate during installation. In general, this model fully corresponds to the declared parameters of the standard SH 35 model.

General rules for choosing an anchor winch + for a boat.

When choosing an anchor winch for your boat, there are several important aspects to consider:

1. Lifting Capacity: Make sure the winch has sufficient lifting capacity for your boat. It is recommended to select a winch with a lifting capacity greater than the weight of your anchor and chain.

2. Sizes and Compatibility: Make sure the dimensions of the anchor winch match the size of your boat and the location where you plan to install it. Also check compatibility with your anchoring system (anchor, chain, cable).

3. Quality and reliability: anchor winch + for a boat – the company’s reputation is important! And how many years has it actually been on the market! Research the reputation of the anchor winch manufacturer. Reviews and recommendations from other boat owners can be helpful when choosing a reliable and high-quality winch.

4. Control options: Consider the different control options for your anchor winch. They can be mechanical or electrical, with remote control or manual control. Choose the option that is most convenient for you.

5. Price: Set the budget you are willing to spend on an anchor winch and compare the different options in that price range. However, remember that the quality and reliability of the anchor winch can also affect its cost. I hope these recommendations will help you choose the right anchor winch for your boat.

General rules for choosing an anchor winch + for a boat.