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In today’s article we would like to address the question that interests many people, it is the load experienced by the anchor windlass during parking, as well as during their work. There is a profound misconception that the weight of the boat it is the starting point. Often there is a perception they say I have a boat fitted out to conduct nearly 900 kg. So I need the anchor winch 500 watts or more. This is very misleading! We recommend viewing the article: STRONGER anchor winch

All loads are calculated long formulas and calculations that take into account many indicators such as displacement of the vessel, its length, its width, its height, wind speed, current speed, gusts, its weight, and many others.

In view of the fact that our company is a manufacturer of anchor winch, the winch release reliable impossible without these calculations.
All these readings calculated at one time we were made and are listed in the table which we use to calculate our power winches and to this day.

Баллы  Словесное обозначение силы ветра Скорость ветра, м/с Необходимая держащая сила в кг
Размеры судна: длина 3м, ширина 1,5м Размеры судна: длина 4,6м, ширина 1,8м Размеры судна: длина 5,5м, ширина 2,3м Размеры судна: длина 6,1м, ширина 2,4м Размеры судна: длина 7,6м, ширина 2,7м
0  Штиль  0-0,2 18 28 35 41 56
1  Тихий  0,3-1,5 24 37 46 54 73
2  Легкий  1,6-3,3 32 50 60 71 97
3  Слабый  3,4-5,4 42 64 79 93 127
4  Умеренный  5,5-7,9 55 85 104 123 168
5  Свежий  8,0-10,7 73 113 138 163 222

The following table shows the main indicators of stress when the overall dimensions of boats up to 7.5 meters long in all weather conditions. Thus substituting the details of your boat you will be able to assess what kind of load your experiences windlass during parking, as well as during their work.
We can notice that a person who already has experience with fishing boats already has an idea of ​​the wind speed and comfortable fishing with him. In our experience, fishings in reservoirs and full-flowing rivers, the most comfortable fishing place at a wind speed of 3 meters per second. Of course there are fishing at 5 meters per second when I’d like to have a rest from working vanity, but more than that these indicators have comfort and pleasure can not be called such fishing will take a little ….

Therefore, the recommended load of STRONGER anchor winches is a maximum of 90 kg. Therefore, if the wind with the wave increases, then in this case you need to wind the anchor rope on the duck, that would remove the excess load from the anchor winch and thereby not lead it to breakage.

Now let’s deal with the power of anchor winches STRONGER. There are certain laws of mechanics, which can not be neglected. Either mechanical products should be at least double headroom. This is due to the fact that the loads which arise are not necessarily the same amplitude. But there is another side of the coin, so that the device is working as long as possible and reliable, it should work with a maximum of half of its maximum capacity. Well, of course this power should be enough to perform the necessary tasks facing the device.

In this case, the power of our withered anchor winches of 180 to 150 kg depending on the model of the winch. If the load that will arise will be more than the stated power winch stops at the time of his work as a special thermal relay triggered. If suddenly there was such an extraordinary situation is signaled in the first place that your anchor hit the hook. And now for his release, you will need to wind the anchor rope to the duck and have to pull the anchor directly without using the winch. Thus, you will extend the period of its use of a winch.

We hope that this article will help you in choosing the anchor winch and give an opportunity to significantly save your money.