Anchor winch for a pvc boat STRONGER Stell Hands 10. From April 26 in Ukraine on the Trofey TV channel there will be a broadcast on the installation of the anchor winch Steel Hands 20 on inflatable boat. The presenter of the program, Mikhail Maslov, will tell and show how easy it is under normal conditions to install a winch mount to an inflatable boat and share his impressions of the entire installation process and the operation of the winch in general. The program will be aired several times over the next month, so everyone can see it at a time convenient for them. Happy viewing everyone!

Attaching the pvc boat anchor winch to the product is the intellectual property of STRONGER. It was our company that developed this design, which was subsequently stolen by many unscrupulous competitors. But our opinion is the following – if the company is not ready to develop its own model or design, is it possible to continue purchasing from it? If her intellectual potential is at such a low level? You decide…

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якорная лебедка для лодки пвх

They are equipped with a powerful electric motor that ensures fast and efficient raising and lowering of the anchor. You will be able to control the process using a remote control, which will allow you to maintain complete control over the boat. Our PVC boat anchor winch also has a strong and durable design that ensures its stability and reliability in any conditions.

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