Anchor winch for a boat: a reliable solution for controlling the anchor device. The compact and durable design ensures comfortable and safe anchoring and hoisting. We also recommend that you read the article: The high performance and reliability of the anchor winch allows you to quickly and easily control the anchoring process, which is especially important in marine conditions. An anchor winch for a boat is an indispensable accessory for a comfortable and safe holiday on the water.

Anchor winch for a boat. Top cover of anchor winch and its production

The top cover for an anchor winch is an indispensable accessory to ensure the durability and reliability of your winch. It protects the mechanism from external factors such as dust, dirt, moisture and ultraviolet rays. The cover is made of durable and corrosion-resistant material, ensuring durability and reliable operation of the anchor winch. Installing the top cover is easy and quick, saving time and effort when servicing your boat. Keep your anchor winch well protected with a top cover and enjoy a safe and comfortable ride on the water.

Anchor winch for a boat. Two options for the top cover of the STRONGER anchor winch

Today we would like to share with you one more news, which concerns the new model of the anchor winch Steel Hands 35. And so in this version of the winch there will already be 2 options for the top cover. The first and already familiar option is a metal lid similar in appearance to the lid from the Steel Hands 30 model. But it will already be made in black without stainless steel elements. Such a cover will only be supplied upon customer request.

Well, the second option would be a cover made of ABC material (plastic). So now lovers of smooth shapes and ergonomics will finally, we hope, be satisfied 🙂

Anchor winch for a boat. Now its design has become much more presentable. Our company ordered the design of the new lid from a design bureau in Italy. The task was, in addition to beautiful forms, functionality and smooth lines, to achieve the durability of the product that is familiar to our customers! Much attention was also paid to the material from which the lids will be made in the future. It must be resistant to destruction from heating under the influence of sunlight, ultraviolet radiation and temperature changes.

We hope our new modern design will please our customers. In the next publication and video presentation we will be able to demonstrate the finished product anchor winch Steel Hands 35.

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