Anchor winch Stronger 35 announcement! The STRONGER company has begun registration of patent rights and the final stage of testing our new development of anchor winch STEEL HANDS 35.

This model has no analogues in the world today! In the design bureau of our company it was secretly christened (Kalashnikov). And it was not by chance that this model of anchor winch acquired such a popular name. We recommend reading the article: STRONGER anchor winch

As a result of testing, the operation of the winch was quite stable and reliable.

To implement the function of freely releasing the anchor, there are no gears in the winch mechanism, as was previously implemented in the STEEL HANDS 40 model. This, in turn, has increased the technological reliability of the model by an order of magnitude. Due to the absence of gears, the sound from the winch operation became even quieter, although in the 40 model it was practically inaudible.

Anchor winch Stronger 35

As we wrote earlier, the STEEL HANDS 35 winch has a free anchor release function. And unlike the 40 model, there is completely no time delay when releasing the anchor. It happens instantly. Also, anchoring no longer requires extra time. I would like to note one more important detail. The 35 model anchor winch reels out the anchor rope 25% faster than the 40 model.

But in turn, despite all the seemingly positive and innovative qualities, the 35 model loses in power to the older 40 model in the class. The recommended anchor weight for the 35 model is 15 kg, as opposed to the recommended 20 kg for the 40 model. The reduction in the lifting coefficient was caused by the lack of an additional gear mechanism, as was implemented in the 40 model.

якорная лебедка стронгер 35

anchor winch Stronger 35

Therefore, when choosing an anchor winch and its power, you need to be guided primarily by the recommendations of boat manufacturing companies and service center specialists for installing additional equipment for boats. I would like to touch on the topic of the overall dimensions of the new winch. Unlike the 40 model, they have become smaller.

The sizes are very close to the 30 model. The design of the top cover and the placement of the window where the anchor rope reel is installed also have similarities with the 30 model. Another design change in the 35 model was reflected in the reel for winding the anchor rope. Now it is not made of plastic, as was done in models 30 and 40, but of metal. This in turn further increased the reliability of the winch. As with all previous models of anchor winches, all parts of the 35 model are protected from corrosion by zinc coating.

якорная лебедка стронгер 35

anchor winch Stronger 35

As an additional equipment, the STEEL HANDS 35 anchor winch will have the ability to connect a remote wired control panel. You will also be able to control the winch using both your smartphone under the operating system (Android) and the radio remote control. Recently, our engineers implemented another additional function: illumination of the winch roller for lifting and visual control of the anchor in the evening and at night. You can also purchase this function separately and upgrade your winch to suit your needs.

And of course, the most important component for any buyer is, of course, the pricing policy. By simplifying and modernizing the winch mechanism, our company was able to significantly reduce production costs. And of course, this fact could not help but be reflected in the pricing policy for retail sales.

Anchor winch Stronger 35

After the model is launched into mass production, we will announce recommended prices. Of course, these prices will differ in the markup coefficient on the base cost in each country individually, taking into account the costs of customs clearance of the cargo.

But we hope that we can please our customers with the pricing of our new products.

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