At the beginning of 2017, another model of anchor winch will go on sale: anchor winch Stronger Steel Hands 20. This model of anchor winch is designed for installation on an inflatable boat, as well as small metal boats such as “Ob”, “Ide”, “Romantika”.
Users of inflatable boats have probably noticed the significant inconvenience associated with the location of the anchor rope and the anchor itself in the boat. Usually they are located on the bow of the boat, thereby occupying a significant useful space. We decided that inflatable fleet lovers should not experience discomfort while relaxing on the water. And the entire space of the boat should be used in this case with benefit and for its intended purpose. And our new anchor winch Stronger Steel Hands 20 will help you with this.

якорная лебедка Стронгер

The SH-20 anchor winch is supplied as standard with an inflatable boat mount, the design of which allows for quick installation and dismantling of the product. For the initial installation of the mount you will need glue for PVC boats and a hair dryer. You will need to glue 4 rail washers to the boat hull, which will later serve as support elements for your anchor winch. The process is not complicated and will not take much time. On our website there is a detailed video with recommendations for installing these washers.
In the future, the entire process of installing the product: the Stronger anchor winch on the boat will take no more than 2 minutes. After dismantling, only 4 rubber rail fastening washers remain on the boat hull, which in no way interfere with the assembly of the inflatable boat.

якорная лебедка Стронгер

We hope that the Stronger Steel Hands 20 anchor winch will make your stay on the water even more comfortable and unforgettable.

Specifications Steel Hands 20 anchor winch:

The maximum weight of the anchor                                                      8 kg
The length of the boat, up to                                                                     4 m
Anchor rope ∅ 3,5 mm, length                                                                 30 m
roller                                                                                                                yes
Fixing to the inflatable boat                                                                      yes
Control button                                                                                               yes
ascent / descent control button function
Rod for safe transport anchors                                                                yes
The connection cable to the battery                                                        yes
Free Reset anchor                                                                                        yes
Lifting speed of the armature                                                                   20 m / min
In multiples of                                                                                              1 piece
Weight                                                                                                            8.1 kg winch
Weight                                                                                                            9.2 kg with fastening
Package dimensions (LxWxH)mm                                                        377 × 307 × 177
Winch Dimensions (LxWxH) mm                                                         255× 260× 130
Roller Dimensions (LxWxH) mm                                                          260× 82× 129
SH model number –                                                                                     20
Warranty                                                                                                        1 year

Anchor winch Stronger Steel Hands 20 is a reliable device for PVC boats and small duralumin boats.