Anchor winch to buy! With this headline begins many inquiries on the Internet. But let’s think about whether we are ready to sacrifice fishing, or just a vacation if the winch mechanism breaks and we have no other options? Today’s video review is about our new model of anchor winch Steel Hands 35 Pro This winch is designed taking into account the wishes of professional sportsmen fishermen. In which they drew our attention to such nuances as noise and splashes from the fall of the anchor on the water. There was also a wish to increase the speed of anchor lifting. As the time spent on fishing and moreover on competitions is priceless. They would also like to see a more modern and sporty design of the winch top cover.

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We listened to the comments and took them into account in designing a new model of anchor winch. This is how the flagship model Steel Hands 35 PRO has appeared in our lineup. Now it will be easier for you to choose when you ask: Anchor winch to buy! We recommend viewing the article: STRONGER anchor winch

So, what changes have been made in this model of anchor winch compared to the standard version of the SH 35 winch.

In the winch SH 35 PRO installed a new motor, which is 20% more powerful than the standard motor, which is used in the 35 model. Thanks to this, the speed of winding the anchor rope has increased.

The winch has a new function, which allows lowering the anchor to the water with the help of the motor and only after the anchor enters the water it is freely released. All of this is accomplished with a single press on the winch control key with the down arrow. Thanks to this function, there is now virtually no splashing or noise from the anchor hitting the water.

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The design of the top cover of the winch has also changed and now it looks more modern and attractive. Thanks to the use of modern technology immersion printing with 3d carbon fiber coating. With such a modern design the winch will be an undoubted decoration of any boat.

The SH 35 PRO is available in 2 versions for open and concealed under deck mounting, as well as in fresh and salt water versions. For freshwater use all parts of the winch are galvanized and for saltwater use they are made of stainless steel.

Anchor winch to buy – the decision should be weighed and reliable!

To install the anchor winch yourself, you can use the universal platform, which you will need to install in the right place on the bow of the boat and then fix the winch and the roolle on it. Thanks to this platform, you will be sure that the winch and the roll bar are installed correctly and in alignment with each other, which in turn is a prerequisite for the correct operation of the winch and the whole mechanism. Due to the fact that the platform itself is fitted with riveted nuts, you will only need one wrench to attach and remove the winch. The pad is made of sturdy 2 mm thick steel and is galvanized.

We hope that the SH 35 PRO anchor winch will become your indispensable assistant on fishing trips and outdoor activities on the water!