Anchor winches STRONGER are reliable and high-quality equipment designed for the installation and lifting of anchors on various types of ships. They have high reliability and durability, allowing them to be used even in the most extreme conditions. We recommend viewing the article: STRONGER anchor winch The advantages of STRONGER anchor winches include:

1. High load capacity: These winches are capable of lifting and holding heavy anchors, providing reliable anchoring of the vessel.

2. Easy to install and use: Thanks to intuitive design and simple mechanisms, installing and working with a product such as STRONGER anchor winches become easy and convenient processes.

3. Durability and reliability: These winches are made of durable materials that provide long life and minimum amount of breakage.

Якорные лебедки STRONGER

4. Variety of models: STRONGER offers a wide range of anchor winches to meet the needs of different types of ships and marine works.

5. Certification and compliance: All STRONGER anchor winches undergo rigorous testing and certification to ensure they meet high quality and safety standards. If you need more information about STRONGER anchor winches or would like to order this product, I recommend you visit the company’s official website at There you will find detailed specifications of each model and you will be able to contact representatives of the company for consultation and order.

Якорные лебедки STRONGER

We also want to share with you information that is directly related to the sale of our products. We stop implementing such a position as: anchor winches STRONGER independently! Now all sales will be done by our dealers. So for example, our master distributor in Ukraine company Wikender will be engaged in the sale of products directly by dealers and in the future they will already sell it to final customers.

Dear colleagues! This information directly concerns dealers and retail customers from Ukraine. In 2020 STRONGER will no longer engage in wholesale and retail sales of our products in Ukraine.  The rights of «Master Distributor» have been exclusively transferred to the company «Vikender» ( Therefore, we ask you to contact this company for the sale of STRONGER anchor winches.

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We also want to inform you that in 2020 our products will change their retail value to a slight increase. This is due to the design and electronic changes in our winches, which will further improve the reliability and durability of our products.