Anchor rope – must be of high quality and reliable! Well, if it concerns water and its stay in it will be quite frequent, the reliability should increase in times! And so let’s understand what anchor rope is, why its resistance to abrasion is important. Why it is so important to have a significant reserve for breaking load. It is also important to pay attention to what material it is made of! Since many materials do not have resistance to ultraviolet rays! And so as they say it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times. On our video you can see the testing of breaking load on STRONGER rope. Often our customers ask about the reliability of the STRONGER anchor winch mechanism during anchorage, when its mechanism is subjected to loads associated with wind, waves, etc. They are also interested in the loads that the anchor rope can withstand. As we have already written earlier, our company supplies its products to different countries of the world, as well as to the EU countries. To supply products to the EU requires a special certificate, which actually provides the way for the realization of products in Europe.

This certificate is obtained by testing the anchor rope products in all groups. This includes the electrical part, the safety part, the passive and active loads part, the part responsible for environmental friendliness. Indeed it is a very extensive testing, which even involves destroying the sample provided for testing in order to check the maximum loads. Fortunately this did not happen to our samples and they passed all the tests perfectly. Below is a video fragment on testing the winch (anchor rope) in passive state (holding the boat at anchor) and accordingly the breaking load of the anchor rope was tested in parallel. As you can see the breaking load corresponds to our declared 360 kg. And nothing happened to the structural part of the anchor winch. Choosing our products the client can be sure that the purchased product fully complies with all the norms that are necessary for the comfortable use of equipment on the water! Anchor rope will not let him down!