Anchor “DREAM” AD-5

Anchor “DREAM” AD-5
Anchor “DREAM” AD-5


The river anchor for the Stronger DREAM AD-5 anchor winch is equipped with anti-engagement system and provides reliable anchoring on reservoirs with a bottom covering of the majority of types.

The model has a compact size and the lowest weight among the anchors of the Stronger DREAM line – 5 kg. Therefore, it is best suited for inflatable boats up to 3.5 m long, or hull boats up to 3.2 m long.

The Stronger DREAM AD-5 anchors have a classic chamomile design and specially designed petal geometry. Thanks to it, the surface of the paws shows the effect of good “sticking” to the bottom.

The anchor is equipped with an anti-engagement system, the basis of which is a safety cable attached to the trend (lower part of the anchor). It allows you to safely and simply remove the anchor from the hook by changing the point of application of force.

Thanks to the system, the owner can be sure that the anchor will not be lost in difficult conditions. The anti-engagement system also helps to save the resource of the winch, avoiding excessive loads on its mechanism and components.

This model has great potential for use on fishing and hunting boats, stabilizes the boat well and provides the owner with comfortable, safe leisure on the water.


painted cast iron
Length, mm
Spindle diameter, mm
Trend diameter, mm
Weight, kg
Breaking load of a safety cable, kg
Producing country
Warranty, months
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