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In today’s article we would like to tackle issues related to the proper exploitation of anchor winches. This article will be useful not only to the customers of STRONGER, but also to all those who use other brands of winches. There are a number of physical processes in the winches that are used in virtually all winches for boats represented in our market. And so, in order:

Each electrical winches STRONGER model provides special thermal relays which prevent damage in case of winches Hitch anchor. Now let us look at the physics of the process, how is the operation of the thermal relay.

If the engine continues to anchor to the anchor line winding, which in turn has the ability to stretch. Engine begins to experience additional stress, respectively, begin to heat a wire through which current is supplied to the winch. Installed in the electric circuit in series the thermal relay and a rise in temperature in the end blocks the supply of current to the motor.

Thus, the current is switched off in case of a hook anchor. If you still such a situation occurred, never try to pull the anchor winch it can lead to deformation of the shaft and the winch failure. In the case of bleed from the winch hook necessary amount anchor line and wind it on a duck, and only then continue efforts to free the anchor of the toe by a motor.

Let’s look at another scenario. When lifting the anchor reaches its standard horizontal position and falls on the roller, do not click perederzhivat lifting anchor, as the engine will run before turning off the heat relay. But every such extreme elevation greatly affects the wear of mechanical parts of the winch.

Let’s look at this situation and why this is happening? This is not written the other manufacturers, but the problem exists in almost all. That’s an example of life.

 Many of my friends complained that winch Minn Kota especially 40 models often breaks shaft key coil. Like, it’s all the fault of marriage and Chinese production.

So I can responsibly say that not all the fault of the production, and the people who run the winches.

But why, you ask? It’s very simple. When the anchor took its standard position after lifting roller stands immediately release the lifting anchors! If you do not follow this process, there is a very large and instantaneous load on the winch all the elements, as the anchor rope in this case due to the short length is not able to stretch and extinguish the stresses arising. Disabling the thermal relay of course happen, but the harm from such unwise exploitation can be quite noticeable, in turn, can significantly reduce the manual winch.