Anchor “DREAM New” AD-10

Anchor “DREAM New” AD-10
Anchor “DREAM New” AD-10
Anchor “DREAM New” AD-10


The river anchor for the Stronger DREAM AD-10 anchor winch weighing 9.8 kg is equipped with an anti-engagement system and a rocking sedative. Therefore, it makes anchoring comfortable and safe, prevents anchor failure.

The anchor provides stability of the considerably loaded boat, up to 7 m long, on reservoirs with a bottom covering of the majority of types. It has a classic design, such as “chamomile”, as well as a unique geometry of the paws. It provides the effect of “sticking” to the bottom soil of most species, securely holding the anchor and the vessel in place.

The peculiarity of this model is the presence of an extender-calmer, which is attached to the shank by a hinged structure. Its task is to compensate for the amplitude of strong rocking of the boat, which can lead to failure of the anchor.

Due to this design, only the extension cord moves during the swing. The shank and the anchor itself remain stable at the bottom. Therefore, even in strong winds, the boat is securely held at the selected anchor point.

The extension cord will also come in handy if it is not possible to release a longer anchor beam (for example, due to the characteristics of the bottom surface or due to the greater depth of the reservoir). And in other cases, when you want to increase the weight of the anchor.

The anti-lock system of the Stronger Dream AD-10 anchor with a safety cable allows to release quickly and simply enough an anchor from a “deaf” hook on the bottom. Therefore, it helps to prevent its loss in difficult bottom conditions and to avoid excessive loads on the winch mechanism.


painted cast iron
Length, mm
Spindle diameter, mm
Trend diameter, mm
Weight, kg
Breaking load of a safety cable, kg
Producing country
Warranty, months
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