Sounder transducer horizontal position controller (PRO)

Sounder transducer horizontal position controller (PRO)
Sounder transducer horizontal position controller (PRO)
Sounder transducer horizontal position controller (PRO)
Sounder transducer horizontal position controller (PRO)


This device is intended for getting / up of lowering and regulation of correct angle of slope of transducer sonic depth finder. It is necessary for the exact reflection of data echo of location in the cases of different trim of boat on a stern or on her nose. For the correct reflection of data of transducer must be strictly in parallel to the water smooth surface (to horizon). Thus, almost all manufacturers of echolocation equipment recommend installing their transducers. The reflected in this case signal got to them will most correctly represent information on the screen of your device!

In the basic kit for connecting the regulator to the control panel or remote button, a 2 meter cable is used. (tiller version) If your connection length exceeds 2 meters, then you will need to purchase an extension cable separately. Its length is 4 meters. And in this case, your total installation length is 6 meters. This length is sufficient for installation on the control console of almost any boat up to 7 meters long if the console is installed no further than the middle of the boat.

On a picture the variants of angles of slope of transducer, and also variants of fish, are higher presented on the screen of sonic depth finder. Overhead two pictures show wrong position of transducer, such position of sensor is possible either during the wrong primordial setting or in case of presence of longitudinal trim on a stern or on the nose of boat (more often – on a stern). Only in the case when a sensor is located strictly in parallel to horizon, information on the screen of your sonic depth finder is represented clearly and without distortions (lower picture). But an analogical situation takes place and with the picture of bottom of reservoir. At wrong position of sensor of transducer the real picture is so much distorted on the screen of your device. Therefore it is very important to obtain the correct angle of slope of transducer!

Boat depending on the amount of passengers, load placed on it, and also his weight and place of placing, yields to the longitudinal axial heel that in turn, can be directed both in nasal part and in feed part of boat. In investigation what the regularly set sensor in different situations not always represents information correctly.

Our device is sent exactly to that, to have the opportunity of remote electronic regulation of angle of slope of transducer.

During the protracted speed transitions, and also during the stand of boat, or in case, options of boat on a gun-carriage, you can heave up transducer on a maxheight practically in parallel to the stern of boat and to clean unnecessary resistance of sensor of sonic depth finder the same at water, to prevent becoming overgrown with transducer water-plants during a stand, and also to prevent breakage of sensor at a collision with water barriers or bottom of reservoir at going of boat a stern near a bank and on shoal.

Also getting up of sensor of transduser is very important in the moment of loading and further transporting of boat on a gun-carriage. For this purpose you press the key with a pointer upwards on the bearing-out button, or on control panels and sensor automatically will go up to eventual position.

We hope that by means of this device fishermen and active rest lovers on water will be able to improve quality, and also safety fishing on water, due to clear information that they will be able to get from the screen of the sonic depth finder! Well and certainly substantially to economize the budget on the purchase of new transduser!

Technical description and configuration

Fastening the Transducer to the Regulator

After setting of regulator on the stern of boat you must initially propose a sensor according to recommendations of producer of sonic depth finder. In future all regulation and tuning of sensor to the real terms will take place remotedly from the place of management by your cutter.

Setting of regulator of STRONGER

Setting of regulator comes true on the same principle, as well as ordinary fastening of transduser on the stern of boat described in guidance on exploitation by a sonic depth finder. Important, that a regulator and sensor of sonic depth finder did not come forward for the edges of boat and did not create additional hindrances the same in his work.

Management by the regulator of STRONGER by means of the bearing-out button

The bearing-out button is supplied in a base complete set.
By means of her you will be able to lift and drop трансдьюсер. Similarly you will be able brief pressures on the key подрегулировать a sensor in position that can be defined by means of arcs of fishes on the screen needs to you. But unfortunately, this option is not entirely convenient, since there is no possibility of visual control of the sensor position.

Management by the regulator of STRONGER by means of control panel

By brief pressure (1 sec.) on the buttons (MAN) you can obtain regulation of angle of slope of sensor with exactness of setting to 2 degrees for one pressure on the button with a pointer upwards or downward. It will allow to find optimal, most position of angle of slope of transducer you, that accordingly will help to get the most exact information on the screen of your sonic depth finder.
If you fish alone, or by a the same command, and use practically the same weight of load and place him in the same places, saving the the same longitudinal trim of boat, then by means of the button (M), by pressure and withholding during 7-8 seconds, you can fix for itself the so-called “favourite position” of angle of slope of sensor of трансдьюсера. In this case you will be always able to go back to the “favourite position” after any manipulations with a device, simply briefly (1 sec.) pushing the button (М), and a device automatically will set the sensor of трансдьюсера in your “favourite position” that was before stored in memory. Even in case of deenergizator from CU a device, information about “favourite position” is saved in his energyindependent memory of device up to a next change by you this “favourite position”.


The device has no analogues in the world. STRONGER holds the patent rights for this invention.

Delivery set

1. Regulator Pro
2. Regulator with basic connection wire 2 meters
3. Bearing-out button
4. Roofing timbers
5. Control panel (option)
6. Control block (option)
7. Complete set of wires for CU (option)м 8. Instruction
9. Warranty sheet


200 n
Current on-loading
250 ma
Current no-load
12 v
Climbing ability is lowering
3.5 mm/s
Primary coolant
Method of cooling-line
water is air
Libra of transducer
to 1000 gramme
Time of continuous work
2 mines
Overall sizes of regulator
360 x 80 x 65 mm
Overall sizes are in packing
420 x 250 x 65 mm
1 kg
1 year
Model number
RL 200


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